Thursday, August 6, 2009

Idea of Programming

Programming is at heart problem solving. A successful programming task consists of

1. Problem solving phase:
  • Analyze and understand the problem that needs to be solved and figure out what is needed to be solved
  • General solution: Design an algorithm to solve the problem
  • Check the answer: By using a pen and paper check that your answer works properly.

2. Implementation phase:
  • Write the program: Implement the program with some available programming language i.e. C++, Java, C etc.
  • Test: Run the program with different inputs
  • Correct the errors: If error occurs, think hard "why?", analyze the algorithm/program and fix them

3. Maintenance phase:
  • Use the program: The program is used for its intended purpose
  • Remove any further errors and add new features

Design/implementation ratio of work and time used should be 50%/50%.

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